We have many activities for you to choose according to your needs. Every activity has its own personal fun whether you're a couple, a group of friends,or a big family.
We also have activities to support such as Camping, Luxury dinners, Cycling, BBQ.


Meeting room we make simple designs to be versatile for important occasions.  Can be arranged in many formats to accommodate all your special occasions.


Wedding venue Support both Thai, Chinese and Western styles. The spacious space is separated from the accommodation, allowing you to spend the most important time with your family and loved ones. Don't worry about disturbing other guests.

Atmosphere is important and the first thing guests decide to stay at. We pay close attention to designing a relaxation area for all your occasions. To give you a wonderful experience all the time we take care With clear area proportions, we can take care of them thoroughly. Let it be more than relaxing at home, but feeling like you are at home. Invite your loved ones to listen to the harmonious sound of the waves and the pine forest together here! The Pine Songkhla